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Brice Henderson Bio

A songwriter since age 11, Brice has written over 500 songs. He began his recording career when his parents gave him a Montgomery Ward tape recorder for Christmas around 1967!


Brice became a BMI Songwriter in 1981 and a BMI Music Publisher in 1986. Brice was one of Billboard Magazines' Top New Country Artists of 1983. He has appeared on numerous radio & television programs and at various live venues around the USA, even as far away as Japan.


Kenny Rogers recorded Brices’ song “He showed Me Love” on his Gospel CD "The Love of God". Brices’ latest release is "Uncut Diamonds", a CD of 12 songs Brice has written, co-written, or just loved over his years in Nashville. All of Brices' music is available here in the music section of this website.

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